Monday, 24 January 2011


I am so excited to be going to Plus London 2011. I was so late on the bandwagon that I was worried there may be no space left for my plus one and I but WE ARE GOING and I am so excited to meet all the other fatshionistas!

There will be so many cool sponsors there including TORRID!! Woooohoooo! I looooove going to Torrid when I visit my family in the States. As you can tell, I am superly duperly excited! to wear???


  1. Lucky you! :D Pictures when you come back? *-*

    + I'm jealous that this fashion event will include food. Straight sized fashion events only includes water and something with 0.000000021 calories :o Haha, I wanna get plus size!

  2. Hoping to take lots of photos! I will probably be too excited to eat anything! You're beautiful as you are but if you really did want to get plus sized, I imagine it shouldn't be too difficult! LOL

  3. Thanks :D That was actually... a failed try of sarcasm. I don't wanna get bigger, I just really admire how you girls can pull off such great outfits!
    Have lots of fun at the plus london!