Saturday, 15 January 2011


Here's this weekends Outfit Of The Day: 
Grey Cardigan: H&M (UK Size XL)
Camel/Reddish Brown tank: Dorothy Pekins (UK Size 20)
Denim Mini Skirt: South (Very) (UK Size 22)
Black Stirrup Leggings: No Boundaries (Wallmart) (US Size XL)
Tan Ankle Boots: Evans (UK Size 8)
Yellow Leather Satchel: ASOS

Theres something about this outfit I really like. I think it's probably the camel/brown colour tank I'm wearing against the denim. It also felt awesome rocking a denim mini skirt (even if it did feel like I was getting funny looks). I think it's a great casual weekend outfit. I keep meaning to change bags (don't you just hate bag changes!?) as my sister bought me a 'bagmate' for Christmas which basically keeps the contents of your bag organised so you can just lift the contents of your bag out from one into another in one go. I promise it will be changed for my next OOTD!

I also promise to sort my hair out! I have issues with my hair at the moment. Too many DIY cuts have gone wrong in the past so I had my hair cut in to an asymmetric bob last year and now it's growing out it looks a bit funky! Oh and then I cut my own fringe/bangs which went completely wrong and I ended up looking like a child that wouldn't sit still for the hairdresser! So I'm growing that out too but it's got to a point where it either needs a trim or I need to pin it back and grow it out. In the next few weeks I will begin looking like cousin It.

Hi there! My name is Mel and I'm in the process of growing out my DIY hair cut!

Thoughts on my hair issue would be much appreciated. To bang or not to bang? That is the question!

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