Thursday, 27 January 2011


I love my nails. Sorry let me rephrase...I LOVED my nails. In recent weeks though, they have become weak, limp, lifeless...much like Cheryl Coles hair. I've been using Sally Hansens *finger quotes* Miracle Nail thickener:
I believe in miracles but this miracle was a HUUUUUGE overstatement. My nails are still weak, peeling and I have hangnails a-go-go. On the plus side, I've just been over to their website where they now have a "Nail clinic". Apparently I now need to fork out on a whole load of other stuff...miracles can happen guys!!

On to better nail news...theres a new fad in town! OPI call it Shatter, Barry M call it Instant Nail Effects, I call it wherehaveyoubeenmywholelifeexpealidocious. I'm not exaggerating when I say it is AMAZING! Check it...
Here are the results, as modelled by my stubby, chubby fingers. You basically wear a base colour, in my case I am wearing what I think is called "not like the movies" by OPI with OPI shatter on top. It creates an almost leopard spot/tiger strip effect. I'm thinking with orange and yellow polish underneath, this will look even better. It's doing a great job at distracting from the fact my nails are a mess at the moment!


  1. Jealous, I totally want the shatter stuff. The closest place that sells OPI is like an hour away, though (and it's been snowing like crazy, so I'm not ready to be taking my car that far off)

  2. Try and ebay it. According to the OPI website it hasn't even launched yet. I got mine on ASOS if that helps?

  3. Your nails look craaazay. :D
    I need to use the miracle nail stuff..

  4. The 'Miracle' Nail Thickener has done nothing for my nails, I'm told I need to use nail oil so I'm going to get myself some this weekend!