Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Shoe Dazzle UK

I got so excited this evening when I stumbled across ShoeDazzle! which is a new online shoe retailer- but not just any retailer. You take a fun quiz and get a personalised selection of shoes, boots and accessories. It's quite complicated to explain, but if you're familiar with Glossybox, it's a similar concept, after your first shoe order (which you also get 20% off of) you will be sent personalised recommendations from ShoeDazzle! stylists, and can get a new pair of shoes every month for the flat rate fee of £39.95 or if nothing takes your fancy, you can skip a month and won't be charged. 

I can't wait to see what the stylists get back to me with! Have any of you ever used ShoeDazzle! before? What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Here is my Hips Don't Lie/Toddler look. I love these hareem pants from ASOS. They're jersey, so really comfy- it's like wearing pyjamas to work (it can sort of look that way too though!) I wore this get-up with my black spangly Toms.
What are your thoughts on Hareem Pants on big girls? They clearly accentuate my hips and thighs, but there's something quite liberating about tucking my tops in to pants nowadays. I used to always be on the hunt for longline tops to hide my bum and hips but with age, I'm starting realise that life is way too short for one 'look' and a million hang-ups!

Black Tee: ASOS - UK Size 18
Black and White Heartprint Hareem Pants: ASOS - UK Size 22

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


I'm loving the new Dolce & Gabbana inspired star print popping up everywhere this season. I nabbed this cute pussybow dress from Tesco a few weeks back. It's so easy to just throw on with some leggings and a pair of boots for quite a formal work outfit.

The angle of the photos I took don't really do the dress justice, so I've added a picture from the website to give you a better idea of how lovely the dress is!

Saturday, 17 September 2011


Over the past couple of months I have been loving this deep red/wine colour, I've got tops, trousers, undies, name it, I have it in this colour! There's a lady at work that always happens to point out when I'm wearing this colour too which is almost a daily occurance- embarassing! What I don't have though are a pair of boots- particularly in an oxblood colour leather (I've looked EV-REE-WHERRRRRRE!).

I've also had to sacrifice the usual urban photos for something more...uhhhm....homely! So I have for the past couple of days been snapping away before I leave the house to get to work.

What colours are you all loving this season?


Wine Coloured Chinos (with belt): Dorothy Perkins (UK Size 22)
Polka Dot Top: H&M (UK Size XL)

If you're interested to know what I wore on my feet, I went for my black glitter toms.

Friday, 9 September 2011


Today marked the day I decided to get my act in gear and return to blogging! I've taken an extended break to focus on other aspects and commitments in my life (I chair a few tenant groups within my area) so blogging had to take a back seat. I still follow 6782045274 different blogs on my Google Reader so it's time for me to get back in the loop!

So anyway, today was the press and blogger event for the AW11 collection at which was hosted at the flagship Nails Inc store in South Molton Street. We started off the evening having manicures whilst sipping pink champagne (yes, we were spoilt!). I opted to have my nails painted this divine camel-y colour called Fenchurch Street which is part of the new Autumn/Winter collection for Nails Inc.
After getting our nails did, my sis and I headed upstairs to where the magic was happening. It felt like walking in  to a girly haven...rails of clothes, rows of shoes and boots, coat racks of bags, boxes of cupcakes, bottles of champers. I fell in crazy mad love with so many items:
This gorgeous cashmere, batwing sleeved jumper from the Soft Grey range.
Again, from the Soft Grey range, this wooly t-shirt.
Looooooooove these leggings with leather patches!
Loving leopard print right now- this is another wooly-type of t-shirt- LOVE!

Michelle is modelling this gorgeous blueish black satchel, I think it was real leather- either way I need it in my life!

You may not be able to tell from the photo, but this blazer has a (p)leather collar, pockets and ELBOW PATCHES!! Yes, I adore elbow patches! This jacket didn't look too hot on the hanger but when the gorgeous Rosie modelled it for us all, I fell in love.

I didn't manage to grab a photo of the ultimate drool moment I had, probably because I was too busy drooling but how gorgeous are these patent Doc M's? Need these, like, right now!
 I'm not one to big up a company for feeding me cupcakes and quenching my thirst with Champagne, but OneStopPlus are definitely a website I will be frequenting VERY often. I can honestly say OneStopPlus has some beautiful stuff! There's definitely something for everyone, there's a huge range and loads of brands to choose from and loads of things you can get at a steal! What's more, the much coveted Carmakoma also have a few things on the site, so you can save shed-loads on postage! All in all it was a great evening and was lovely catching up with the gorrrrrrgeous Lauren, Deena, Naomi and Rosie.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


So I just checked my stats, and traffic was up today thank's to I only just checked out this site for the first time but OMG how amazing are all those illustrations of all those gorgeous Fatshionistas!? Thank you for the lovely mini-review Isabelle!


Hey y'all! Wow it's been a long time! In between work, play time and other boring chairing commitments I have, I seem to have got lost and forgotten about my blog. I haven't been taking many pictures even though I finally got my new camera mainly due to the fact I am embarrassed by the current state of my bedroom and it being the only place I can set up my camera on self timer. I guess I need to figure something out though because I have done nothing but shop so have so many clothes to showcase!
Here's an outfit from a while back when we had some nice weather in London:

Maxi Dress: Dorothy Perkins (UK Size 22)
Denim Jacket: H&M (UK Size XL)
Gladiator Sandals: Evans (UK Size 8 E)
Brown Leather Belt: Dorothy Perkins (UK Size XL)

Hopefully I can start posting a bit more regularly again! Thanks for sticking with me folks! xxx

Friday, 13 May 2011


You guuuuuuuuys!! I've been so busy since I started work but I actually miss blogging every week! I even had the cutest outfit on today- fear not though I will wear it again one day soon!

So tomorrow I turn the ripe old age of 26 and because I am still waiting on my new camera (which arrives tomorrow) I will share some nostalgic photos with you:

(Baby Mel a few days old) 

(My 2nd Birthday)

(On my 5th Birthday)

I promise promise promise I will be back with regular-ish posts soon! Hopefully in a lot better quality too!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Hi guys! I must apologise for my absence. I don't like leaving my blog too long like I have the past few weeks. I have been super busy with all sorts. I've been preoccupied with sorting out a 'work wardrobe' for myself, buying bits and pieces that are more smart/casual rather than my beloved jeggings. I've also been busy organising Royal Wedding parties and just generally being a busy body.
I shared with you all a while back how my boyfriend broke my camera; well I ordered a new one and have been waiting forever for it to come in to stock and in the meantime I can't find my old one so haven't been bothered to photograph my outfits! I'm sure my new camera will be a good incentive to start up again though so fear not!

Anyway, till my camera arrives things will be quiet over here!

Saturday, 23 April 2011


My mobile phone has been playing up the last few weeks. I actually took this photo a couple of weeks ago before it was wiped off my phone before I had the chance to upload it. It miraculously came back yesterday so here we are:
Navy Hareem Pants: Evans (UK Size 22)
White Tee: New Look (UK Size 22)
Denim Jacket: H&M (UK Size 22)
Gold Shoes: Toms (UK Size 9)

I had a great outfit on today for the boiling hot weather (31 Celsius near me in London) but alas I forgot to take a picture! (sad face)

I should be getting a new camera soon so i hope to start taking a lot more pics! Also, my new job requires me to dress smart/casual so I will have to say goodbye to my beloved jeggings and jeans till the weekends! I don't quite know how to grasp the whole smart/casual thing so ideas and inspiration is greatly welcomed!

Thursday, 21 April 2011


I just wanted to share my happiness with you all as I just found out I landed my dream job! I am so unbelievably happy right now!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


The de-lovely Laura of The Blog of Worldly Delights recently posted this where she mentioned having to dress accordingly for a new job.

I went for a job interview today and STRUGGLED to think of what to wear. I hate suits. I feel like my aura cannot shine through a boring suit but I was quite pleased with what I managed to piece together! I have to apologise for the half body shots- my mum has what I would put politely as, little photographic flair!

Black Linen Trousers: True F&F @ Tesco (UK Size 22)
Pussybow Bird Blouse: ASOS (UK Size 18)
Black Linen Jacket: Marks & Spencer (UK Size 22)
Black Shoes: Evans (UK Size 9)

It was a huge step tucking that blouse in to my trousers- I have never done it before for fear of everyone seeing just how large my backside is but I don't care anymore! I thought I looked the part, and feel I managed to merge formal and stylish relatively well. Now here's to hoping I get the job!- Pray for me/wish me luck/think of me/send good vibes please!


Thursday, 14 April 2011


I'd been looking for a denim jacket for a long time, there is definitely an art to buying denim jackets. It's hard finding a jacket the right colour, length and fit on the arms. I returned around 3 or 4 jackets before settling on this one from H&M which unfortunately is a tad too snug (damn those tiny H&M sizes!) but I am more than happy with it.

This scarf is one I copied from my sister. She came in one day wearing this and I was blown away. What a great idea, giraffe print in giraffe print?! I promptly found the same scarf online and it was mine a few days later!
Leggings: Decathlon (UK Size XXL)
White Tunic/Tee: Dorothy Perkins (UK Size 18)
Denim Jacket; H&M (UK Size 22)
Giraffe Print Scarf: Ebay
Metallic Blue Trainers: Converse
Brown Satchel: ASOS

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


I'm so happy that Primark have begun stocking size 20 in their stores, it would be even better if they went up higher but I will settle for things like this blouse/cover up thing fitting nicely.

I love the print of this top, it looks vintage and unique (even though thousands of others will no doubt also have it) and is perfect for a hot spring day to throw over a camisole. It's the perfect thing to wear on your way to and from going sunbathing in the park. This isn't why I wore it but the thought just came to me. I'm crazy like that!

Jeggings: TU @ Sainsburys (UK Size 22)
White Camisole: Primark (UK Size 18)
Blouse/Cover up: Primark (UK Size 20)
Gold Shoes: Toms (UK Size 9)
Burgundy Leather Bag: Diesel

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


I'm suffering in this unseasonal heat at the moment so my summer hat has made an appearance. Milliseconds after this picture was taken, my camera slipped out of my boyfriends hand face first into the floor. Poor poor camera. My battery won't stay in now so I am requesting donations from my family for an upgrade for my birthday- my mum has already claimed dibs on the broken camera. So Filipino!

Crop Jeans: Evans (UK Size 22)
T-Shirt: Dorothy Perkins (UK Size 22)
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Gold Glitter Shoes: Toms
Satchel: ASOS
Hat: F&F @ Tesco

Friday, 8 April 2011


As I mentioned in my previous post...this particular outfit messed up the rhythm of outfits I had because the same day I posed for this picture, I found THE perfect dress! I will re-do this outfit at some point when the weather cools down.

I'm loving my denim at the moment, denim dresses, denim skirts, denim jackets, get the idea. So this casual look by Jessica Alba was right up my street.

Long denim Shirt/Dress/Tunic: Dorothy Perkins (UK Size 22)
Grey Leggings: Decathlon (UK Size XXL)
Black Boots: Dorothy Perkins (UK Size 9)
Navy Leather Bag: ASOS
Scarf: New Look
Sunglasses: Ebay

Thursday, 7 April 2011


"It's bin a whiiiiiile" *sings staind in country style*

So I have been laying low this week. Basically, my outfits are not going according to plan. I like to be somewhat organised in my day to day life, this means planning my outfits in advance. 

I'm in the process of putting together another CS:OOTD (Celebrity Style Outfit Of The Day) and I used one particular dress which looked fairly similar, took all the necessary pictures then went shopping the same day and found THE perfect dress so used an old giftcard to buy it. So... now I have to do the whole thing over again! Another problem I face is that it's beginning to get too hot to recreate the outfit...I don't know I may end up posting the original photo in the not-so-perfect dress, then maybe a follow up with the right dress? Yes....I think I'll do that!

Anyway, so on to this OOTD. I was reunited with an old love of my life lecturer the other night for his first stand-up comedy gig. It's been 8 years since he last taught me and 5 years since I last saw him. All my body confidence issues came flooding back as I am now 2 dress sizes bigger than I was way back then. I want to be clear that I have been with my boyfriend 4 years this year and I am blissfully happy (Hi B! -he's a lurker) but this Lecturer captivated my heart a long time ago. He was definitely my idea of Mr. Perfect and in many ways still is but I now understand that it's the smaller things that count in a relationship. 

Enough about my love life anyway, I was feeling very vulnerable getting ready so decided on the safe option of jeggings and a blazer (yes, I lied about mixing up my OOTD posts!) as it's smart, but casual, says "not trying too hard" but mature. Silly me didn't take the pictures at the beginning of the night and so I apologise for the slightly intoxicated look. My make up and hair were flawless at the beginning of the evening, I had teased my hair and it was down and looking rather luscious.

Jeggings: Dorothy Perkins (UK Size 22)
Bug Print Camisole: Dorothy Perkins (UK Size 22)
Black Blazer: New Look (UK Size 22)
Burgandy Leather Bag: Diesel
Mocassins: New Look (UK Size 9)
Black Patent and Gold Belt: Dorothy Perkins (UK Size 22)
Scissor Necklace: Evans (UK Size 22)
Gold Watch: Casio

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


I realise I have been wearing jeggings with a black blazer far too much- I don't even realise I'm doing it! After this outfit, I want to try not wearing jeggings or jeans for at least a week!

This outfit is one of those where I couldn't decide what to wear/couldn't really be bothered to make any effort my popping-out-to-the-shops-quickly look, hence the reason my fringe is a big, curly, un-straightened mess.
Skinny Jeans: Dorothy Perkins (UK Size 20)
Baseball Tee: New Look (UK Size 22)
Stars/Stripes Converse: ASOS (UK Size 8)

Sunday, 27 March 2011


So, a while ago when it was cold and gloomy in foggy old London town I decided I wanted to start a new feature which I have called 'Celeb style OOTD' as I couldn't think of anything original! I saw the below picture of Rachel in my magazine and ripped it out as I had everything she was wearing (except those awesome clogs) and thought she looked ace. Now that Spring is upon us I can begin wearing the other half of my wardrobe! Rachel Bilson is definitely someone who's style I love and no doubt I will do another CS:OOTD (oooooh I just abbreviated it!) featuring her.

Boyfriend Jeans: ASOS (UK Size 22)
Burnout White Tee: Dorothy Perkins (UK Size 22)
Black Blazer: Dorothy Perkins (UK Size 22)
Red Leather Handbag: ASOS
Tan Pumps: Dorothy Perkins (UK Size 9)
Wayfarer Sunglasses: Ebay purchase

UNCANNY RIGHT???? I wish! Not bad though!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


The gorgeous Dee of The Merry Traveller is hosting a challenge to dress up your denim pants/bottoms/skirts. I opted for this little number to go and meet with friends and watch my boyfriend drum at a jam night which was pretty exciting as I haven't seen him play in almost 3 years and he still knocks my socks off!
I went for these acidy wash type of jeans with a black blazer and lots of shoes, gold watch, gold earrings, gold get the idea!
Jeans: Dorothy Perkins (UK Size 20)
White Camisole: ASOS (UK Size 22)
White Tee: ASOS (UK Size 18)
Blazer: Dorothy Perkins (UK Size 22)
Shoes: Toms (UK Size 9)
Scissor Necklace: Evans

Monday, 21 March 2011


This weekend I was supposed to meet with friends for when it got cancelled at literally the last minute. I was going for a slightly-smart/casual look and thank God I didn't doll up as my boyfriend and I ended up going to KFC to save a few £££.

In other news, the weather is starting to get warmer now in London which is great as it means I can start wearing the other half of my wardrobe. I even found a straw trilby that fits my ginormous head the other day so I'm quite looking forward to the warmer weather.

Indigo Jeggings: Dorothy Perkins (UK Size 22)
Black Camisole: ASOS (UK Size 22)
Grey Tee: ASOS (UK Size 18)
Black Jacket: New Look (UK Size 22)
Converse: ASOS (UK Size 8)
Satchel: ASOS
Leopard Print Scarf: ASOS

Sunday, 20 March 2011


This photo makes me LOL! The black leggings ruin this outfit, and I didn't realise till I got home! Oh well- lessons learnt! I'm thinking grey leggings would have looked a lot better? Looking again, maybe it's the cardigan? I have no idea!
Skirt: Dorothy Perkins (UK Size 22)
Black Leggings: Decathlon (UK Size XXL)
Red Top (hidden): Dorothy Perkins (UK Size 18)
Red Cardigan: F&F @ Tesco (UK Size 20)
Converse: ASOS
Brown Belt: Dorothy Perkins (UK Size XL)

Thursday, 17 March 2011


I bought this skirt ages ago but only just got round to wearing it. I love the skirt but something about wearing leopard print freaks me out. I associate it with sexiness and 'sexy' isn't a look I actively try to create. To be honest though I felt pretty damn sexy in my leopard print that I had to pair it with sexy leather hence the jacket and boots.

Leopard Print Skirt: ASOS (UK Size 22)
Black Leggings: Decathlon (UK Size XXL)
Black Tank: Dorothy Perkins (UK Size 20)
Leather Jacket: ASOS (UK Size 22)
Black Boots: Debenhams (UK Size 9)
Gold Scissor Necklace: Evans


This photo originally looked pretty bad. My faced looked pale and weird. I think my skin got washed out by my bright pink lippy and floral scarf. I tried a few new filters and I'm happy with the results- think I could be on to a new style here.

Denim Mini Skirt: South (UK Size 22)
Grey Leggings: Evans (UK Size 22)
White Tee: ASOS (UK Size 18)
Cardigan: Dorothy Perkins (UK Size 22)
Blue Metallic Hi-Tops: Converse (UK size 8)
Tan Satchel: ASOS
Floral Scarf: Primark

Monday, 14 March 2011


So as you know after months of debate and lusting after the hair of Rachel Bilson, Alexa Chung, Drew Barrymore etc etc I took the plunge and went ombre!

I considered doing a tutorial post but to be honest, I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out so didn't want to jinx myself before I'd even started. I didn't expect to spend sooooooooooo long acheiving my look but I'm pretty happy with the results considering I did the whole thing myself...yes, me, myself and I.

For those of you interested here's my mini step-by-step guide of how I acheived the look:

1. I started off with my natural hair colour- I haven't dyed my hair in about 2 or 3 years so it was completely natural (greys and all!) and in very good condition.

2. (Day 1) I started off with a light brown colour to test the water. I used Clairol's new Nice'N Easy colour blend foam in 6 (Light Brown).
This step was pointless as the difference in colour was too subtle. If you're going for a subtle look then try this out.

*To apply the colour: 
- I started by tying my fringe/bangs in to a mini bun so I didn't get any dye on it.

- Next I parted my hair in the middle all the way down the back so I ended up with a piggy tail on each side. 

- Next I applied the colour to the bottom 3 or 4 inches of hair and left for around 5-10 minutes to let the colour take more effect on the ends.

- Then I applied more dye further up and more to the ends.

- I kept repeating the above step till I got to about the top of my ears.

-I then added a few streaks (about 3 chunky streaks per side) randomly with the highest point being an inch or so above the top of my ears.

- I left the colour to develop until I could notice a difference in colour (first time round I was over cautious) which was around 20-25 mins.

- I washed the hair dye out and applied the conditioner enclosed, rinsed after 5 minutes and let my hair dry naturally.

3. (Day 2): I repeated exactly the same steps above (to apply colour) but this time used Nice'N Easy permanent hair colour in SB1 (Natural Light Summer Blonde). This time I was a little extra cautious over the time I left it as the colour got a lot lighter this time. The chicken in me took it off after about 15 mins. The result was not as light as I would have liked due to washing it out prematurely.

4. (Day 3) Again I repeated the above steps but this time used Garnier Nutrisse Blonde pre-lightener. This is where the magic happened but it left my hair completely fried! This is when I started thinking I'd made a huge mistake so quickly went out and bought intensive conditioners! The colour at this stage was very orange and not particularly nice. I prefer a more ash colour in my hair so I bought MORE dye.

5. (Day 4) Annnnnd again, I repeated the above steps, this time using Belle Color 9.1 (Light Ash Blonde). I used the conditioner enclosed and a hefty dollop of Tresemme Colour Revitalise Treatment Masque. This is the last dye I put on my hair and thank God my hair was saved. After rinsing the conditioner, it no longer felt like hay.

6. (Day 5) I was still slightly unhappy with the brassiness in the colour so bought some John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Shampoo and hair mousse. This stuff is ace. It's already began to get rid of the brassiness after 2 washes! I now follow every wash with the Tresemme masque and leave it in 5-10mins.

(Products used)

So there you have it. I'm waiting on some toner I bought on Ebay to get rid of more of the orange tones so I'll wait and see how it changes the colour. I'm quite happy with the results but think the top of my hair could be a bit darker. Hmmmm.....


I have had the biggest complex with the arms I inherited from my grandma for as long as I can remember. We both have these huge chunky arms. Not only are they disproportionately chunky, I've had psoriasis since I was 15 and it has got worse as I have got older. What started out as a few small patches has turned in to big patches on my elbows, ankles, knees and now my forearms so to say I am shy getting my arms and legs out is an understatement! 

Being a fatshion blogger has given me a confidence I always knew I had but suppressed for many years. I'm not shy to try new things now, and when I want to wear something- I will wear it! I expect to get funny looks or people talking smack about me but you know what...I no longer care so much what people think. Being fat doesn't stop me doing or wearing things slimmer people can so why should I feel any different? This whole 'Fat Acceptance' thing has changed my life. I love me even with my fat upper arms which are patched with psoriaisis (sorry that sounds really gross!) and so do my family and friends so screw anyone who doesn't- I don't care! Yeeeehaw!
Jeggings: Dorothy Perkins (UK Size 22)
Blouse: New Look (UK Size 22)
Cardigan: Dorothy Perkins (UK Size 22)
Laceless Brogues: New Look (UK Size 9)
Tan Satchel: ASOS

Sunday, 13 March 2011


I seem to be on a bit of an OOTD roll this week. I'm making up for lost time I guess. I'm getting more and more brave with my outfit choices. This is a skirt I have had forever, but never wore as I couldn't quite match it with anything and felt a bit concious wearing it. Well...I think this top looks pretty ace with it. You can't really tell from the photo but it's basically a thin cord skirt with little orange flowers. 

You'll see I'm also debuting my ombre hair...more on that another day!

Skirt: Dorothy Perkins (UK Size 20)
Top: New Look (UK Size 22)
Black Stirrup Leggings: Papaya @ Matalan (UK Size 18)
Laceless Brogues: New Look (UK Size 9)
Scissors Necklace: Evans

Thursday, 10 March 2011


Please excuse the strange expression on my face! Here's what I wore on my way out to take the plunge and buy the hair colourant to do the Ombre effect on my hair. It's something I've been contemplating for a couple of months but I knew it was something I would have to do myself as I'm not prepared to pay god-only-knows how much at the salon. The process started on Tuesday evening. I prepped/tested the ombré effect with a light brown hair colourant. It didn't do much but made the gradient slightly lighter. I took a risk and bought the lightest ash blonde shade I could find this evening and I used half the mixture to lighten up a bit more. Again it's a little more lighter than my last attempt. I'm going to put the other half of the mixture on today and see how it goes- maybe even leave it on slightly longer. I really do not want to end up with orange tips so I'm being very cautious. It's also the first time I have dyed my hair in about 3 years so it feels quite sad saying au revoir to my own natural hair colour! Hopefully I will be able to debut an awesome DIY job in the next few days- fingers crossed!!

Denim Jeggings: Tu @ Sainsburys (UK Size 22)
Oatmeal Camisole: Primark (UK Size 18)
Oatmeal and Navy Breton Striped Top: New Look (UK Size 22)
Mac/Trench: Next (UK Size 22)
Leather Belt: Dorothy Perkins (UK Size XL)
Laceless Brogues: New Look (UK Size 9)
Tan Satchel: ASOS
Scissors Necklace: Evans

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


So I'm back with the OOTD posts. I'm slowly getting my mojo back. I wore this outfit to meet up with my guy after work, I originally was not wearing the hoodie. I got in to spring mode a little too early and ended up being freezing. Luckily I'd left this hoodie at my boyfriends place so promptly put it on before heading home. It seems to have brought the whole outfit together nicely I think. I like it when things like that happen.
Denim Jeggings: New Look (UK Size 22)
Grey Camisole: H&M Mama (UK Size 20)
Cream Racer-back New York Tee: River Island (UK Size 18)
Blue Hoodie: Old Navy (US Size XL)
Black Leather Biker Jacket: ASOS (UK Size 22)
Black Plimsolls: Decathlon (UK Size 9)
Black Leather Bag: ASOS


Guys, this is an urgent deal I have just been alerted about by my sister. Buy a £20 ASOS voucher for only £9 on Groupon at the moment. Theres a limited number so hurry and get your 55% discount now! 

Monday, 7 March 2011


I've been feeling completely uninspired in the last couple of weeks- I seem to go through 10 outfit changes because I don't feel quite 'right' in what I'm wearing, then cave in to wearing something simple, safe and unimaginative. Ugh- I also feel under the weather. I can't tell if its allergies or a cold but I'm feeling pants! I promise I will be back soon rocking out my Spring collection! Spring is almost upon us people! I love spring! Yay for spring!

Monday, 28 February 2011


Guys....I have a confession to make...remember at the beginning of the month I touched upon February being a NO SPEND month...well....

I failed miserably! It's clear I have issues when it comes to spending money so...I have decided to set myself a target for March...

My target is spend no more than £100 on clothes. I went to Primark over the weekend- they now stock size 20 which although still a size too small it beats squeezing in to an 18. I can fit in to some things like tops, skirts, cardis etc but can't fit in their bottoms so I figure that if I need anything in particular I have to try and get it in there to save the dough- if not, I can look elsewhere.

I had a bad experience with New Look this weekend. I went in my local store to return a load of stuff I had bought online that's didn't suit/fit. Straightaway the sales assistant said "are any of these sale items?" errrrm, I had no idea- I thought that was his job to know but I said I wasn't sure- he immediately responded "you can only have an exchange on sale items"
"Oooooooookay" I thought to myself, my blood was beginning to boil slowly. "Can I speak with your manager please?" along comes the 'manager' who basically repeated the sales assistants schpeel. My blood was getting hotter and hotter so I said "fine, I would like to speak to your head office"........
30 minutes later of
and waiting............................
and waiting..............................
I was finally handed over to someone not in head office.....but in customer services.....who basically repeated everything the 'manager' said.
I tried to explain to her that on my receipt/delivery note it nowhere stated their new 'terms' regarding no refund on sale items and that I was well within my consumer rights to return these goods. She insisted I could only have an exchange or credit note....
By this point I had steam coming off the top of my head...."HOW CAN I HAVE AN EXCHANGE OR CREDIT NOTE? ALL THE ITEMS I BOUGHT ARE PLUS SIZED! PLEASE TELL ME WHERE YOUR PLUS SIZED RANGE IS IN THIS STORE???!" they were not giving in so I stomped out and I will have to arrange to send the stuff back.

I am furious that I was made a mockery of for about 45 minutes with no resolve. I will be writing a letter of complaint to their chief executive and will have to unfortunately stop handing money from my own pocket to their company (although I will still use things I already have in my OOTDs). I wanted to share this experience all with you so you are all aware when buying things online from New Look. This new rule only came in to play recently so just be very careful that you read their T&Cs before buying!

Aaaaaaaaaand breatheeee.......

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


I've been a glasses wearer most of my life. I remember my very first pair were a free NHS pair in grey plastic. Followed by metal ones which made me look like Harry Potter. I've tried different contact lenses in the past but my eyes just don't seem to like them so I suffer in Summer. I've had to embrace my specs over they years and decided when I was around 13 that I would make them work for me. I adopted plastic frames as they were more unusual at the time (I like being quirky) and I have never looked back. I now feel like my glasses are a part of me, and help define my image so finding a pair I like is always an exciting thing!

One very late evening I was browsing where the lovely Deena blogged about some new specs she had bought. When I saw them my jaw hit the floor and I went straight to the website to buy a pair. I'm a fond user of the cheapo websites out there for spectacle wearers, where you can get glasses including lenses for under £10. These though...these were special. So special, that I spent over £100 on them!


I'm in love with them and plan on wearing them for a very long time! They're the kind of glasses that will look good when I'm 80 so they were worth every penny!
Is there a favourite item you have that you  feel helps define your style?