Wednesday, 13 April 2011


I'm so happy that Primark have begun stocking size 20 in their stores, it would be even better if they went up higher but I will settle for things like this blouse/cover up thing fitting nicely.

I love the print of this top, it looks vintage and unique (even though thousands of others will no doubt also have it) and is perfect for a hot spring day to throw over a camisole. It's the perfect thing to wear on your way to and from going sunbathing in the park. This isn't why I wore it but the thought just came to me. I'm crazy like that!

Jeggings: TU @ Sainsburys (UK Size 22)
White Camisole: Primark (UK Size 18)
Blouse/Cover up: Primark (UK Size 20)
Gold Shoes: Toms (UK Size 9)
Burgundy Leather Bag: Diesel


  1. Oh Mel, you have the most amazing shoes! The gold Toms look green in this light :) and I am always for sparkles to brighten an outfit! And I really really really wish we had Primark in the US. I keep on seeing such beautiful things from there!
    hearts, laura♥
    the blog of worldly delights

  2. Laura, I would trade Primark for a Target in a heartbeat! I could actually live very happily in a Target store!