Thursday, 17 March 2011


This photo originally looked pretty bad. My faced looked pale and weird. I think my skin got washed out by my bright pink lippy and floral scarf. I tried a few new filters and I'm happy with the results- think I could be on to a new style here.

Denim Mini Skirt: South (UK Size 22)
Grey Leggings: Evans (UK Size 22)
White Tee: ASOS (UK Size 18)
Cardigan: Dorothy Perkins (UK Size 22)
Blue Metallic Hi-Tops: Converse (UK size 8)
Tan Satchel: ASOS
Floral Scarf: Primark


  1. Denim skirts and converses FTW! :D

    Those blue converses look AMAZING!

  2. I agree with Ohamme, I cannot take my eyes off of those hi-tops! The color is gorgeous... it it the filter? and mel, i love that cross-body satchel!

  3. They really are that colour. I would describe it as a metallic cobalt blue colour.

    @Laura any cross over bag is ace! I love the security and not needing to strain my arms or hands carrying my 'life' around with me. They don't call me Mary Poppins for nothing!