Sunday, 13 March 2011


I seem to be on a bit of an OOTD roll this week. I'm making up for lost time I guess. I'm getting more and more brave with my outfit choices. This is a skirt I have had forever, but never wore as I couldn't quite match it with anything and felt a bit concious wearing it. Well...I think this top looks pretty ace with it. You can't really tell from the photo but it's basically a thin cord skirt with little orange flowers. 

You'll see I'm also debuting my ombre hair...more on that another day!

Skirt: Dorothy Perkins (UK Size 20)
Top: New Look (UK Size 22)
Black Stirrup Leggings: Papaya @ Matalan (UK Size 18)
Laceless Brogues: New Look (UK Size 9)
Scissors Necklace: Evans


  1. This is such a great outfit. I really like that top and just adore those glasses. Also, your ombre hair looks great!

  2. I love the colors you're working with here. The print on the skirt sounds super cute, and I am totally loving your ombre hair! :)

  3. The colours look SO good on you. xx

  4. Hello MD, firstly, thank you for visiting my blog! Ombre hair seems to be such a big thing now but really I am not sure how it will work out on me but on you, it's rocking! I'm also excited to see that you shop at where I usually shop too and are wearing things that I would totally wear. Girls with spectacles are after my own heart now especially since I have been forced to wear them and try to rock them!