Tuesday, 12 April 2011


I'm suffering in this unseasonal heat at the moment so my summer hat has made an appearance. Milliseconds after this picture was taken, my camera slipped out of my boyfriends hand face first into the floor. Poor poor camera. My battery won't stay in now so I am requesting donations from my family for an upgrade for my birthday- my mum has already claimed dibs on the broken camera. So Filipino!

Crop Jeans: Evans (UK Size 22)
T-Shirt: Dorothy Perkins (UK Size 22)
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Gold Glitter Shoes: Toms
Satchel: ASOS
Hat: F&F @ Tesco


  1. Sorry about the camera but if it's any consolation, this is a great outfit! I like the hat and the floral print of your shirt. I have been dying to incorporate flowers into my wardrobe this season and I think yours is perfect for hot weather.

  2. Thanks Bella, floral prints = instant happiness!

  3. Mel, this is such an adorable outfit! I love the print of the skirt and your GOLD toms! I wish I could wear hats... my head is too ginormous to fit into them...

    hearts, laura♥
    the blog of worldly delights

  4. Laura I have the same problem! My head is humongous! This hat is a mens L/XL!