Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Here is my Hips Don't Lie/Toddler look. I love these hareem pants from ASOS. They're jersey, so really comfy- it's like wearing pyjamas to work (it can sort of look that way too though!) I wore this get-up with my black spangly Toms.
What are your thoughts on Hareem Pants on big girls? They clearly accentuate my hips and thighs, but there's something quite liberating about tucking my tops in to pants nowadays. I used to always be on the hunt for longline tops to hide my bum and hips but with age, I'm starting realise that life is way too short for one 'look' and a million hang-ups!

Black Tee: ASOS - UK Size 18
Black and White Heartprint Hareem Pants: ASOS - UK Size 22

1 comment:

  1. Yes! I love these! You work them well.
    I am all for harem pants on a curvier body. I guess I just see them as another article of clothing - flattering or not. I just like wearing them. :)