Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Hi guys! I must apologise for my absence. I don't like leaving my blog too long like I have the past few weeks. I have been super busy with all sorts. I've been preoccupied with sorting out a 'work wardrobe' for myself, buying bits and pieces that are more smart/casual rather than my beloved jeggings. I've also been busy organising Royal Wedding parties and just generally being a busy body.
I shared with you all a while back how my boyfriend broke my camera; well I ordered a new one and have been waiting forever for it to come in to stock and in the meantime I can't find my old one so haven't been bothered to photograph my outfits! I'm sure my new camera will be a good incentive to start up again though so fear not!

Anyway, till my camera arrives things will be quiet over here!

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  1. I misssss you Mel! And I cannot wait to see your work outfits! I can get inspiration from you :) And, I still have a little something something for you, but it won't get sent until after I am done with school -_- I apologize!
    hearts, laura♥
    the blog of worldly delights