Wednesday, 16 February 2011


So it's that time of year again...It's the 4th Valentines Day with the lovely sometimes annoying man in my life. To celebrate we went spent the day together and went for a meal in a Turkish Restaurant. Unfortunately the meal didn't go to well...for some reason I had a panic attack so left my poor boyfriend eating alone whilst I stepped out to get air and return to normality. I only got around to eating the starters (I had to cancel my main!) we ordered which were mixed meze and delicious spinach and cheese filo pastries called Borek. To be honest, the food was nice but the whole situation was just horrible- I have some making up to do to my boyfriend so I plan on cooking him a nice meal this weekend!
(photo from NYE 2009)

Here's what I wore for Valentines Day (apologies for the worse than usual image quality- forgot my camera so used my phone!):
Dress: Dorothy Perkins (UK Size 22)
Leggings: New Look (UK Size 20)
Blazer: Dorothy Perkins (UK Size 22)
Boots: New Look (UK Size 8)


  1. I'm sorry to hear your night out didn't go so well! I do like your outfit for the night, though, and hope your meal this weekend goes awesome.

  2. wow! you look fantabulous in that dress. and i'm sorry your night was less than perfect, but yup! there's always the weekend to make up for that! :)