Tuesday, 1 February 2011


I went to a special preview tonight of a new show by Ruby Wax and Judith Owen...more on that tomorrow!
Here's what I wore, I had my new boots on which are awesome, unfortunately my photographer (ahem, mum) didn't capture them! I feel awesome whenever I wear this dress- it's the second time I've worn it. I love the colour, the style, just everything about it although I was incredibly embarrassed when I took my mac off- the bottom of the dress was all the way over my bum!!! The horror! Thank God for leggings though- the man behind me, that saw the drama unfold didn't get too much of a peep show!
Dress: ASOS (UK Size 22)
Black Leggings: ASOS (UK Size 20)


  1. i love the dress! It looks gorgeous on you. And huzzah for tights saving the day! :)