Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Last night, I was invited to a special preview of Ruby Wax's new show, Losing It. It's a 2 woman show. Ruby chronicles her battle with mental illness in a beautiful, humorous way with Judith providing a gorgeous soundtrack.

I have been battling my own mental health demons for the past 2 years or so. Things are good now, I've found my light at the end of the tunnel and I'm slowly beginning to get my life back on track so I could completely relate to Ruby's story minus the celeb status and being a wife and mother. It's good to know there is someone famous out there spreading the word on mental health conditions. Kind of like weight, there is a huge stigma attached to mental health difficulties. I cringe when I hear people joking about "mental hospitals". Just the other day an aquaintance on my facebook went on a long rant on her facebook status about some guy who I assume has been hassling her friend, please bear in mind the person who wrote this is almost 30.

"go doctors, get yourself diagnosed for your ADHD and get your medication...there is 30 years worth of disablility allowence that you are owed. That will pay for your gym membership loser...text my friend again and I will get Maudsleys to take you away"

Maudsley is a hospital in London which specialises in Mental Health care, it also happens to be the place I sought help for my own problems. I don't feel in any way abnormal and it just angers me to see such rude, ignorant people pigeon-hole those who are trying to mitigate their circumstances by seeking help. 1 in 4 of us will suffer from mental health conditions in our lifetimes so no doubt some of you reading will relate. I just want to be clear that you are not alone and you most certainly are not abnormal!

On a lighter note; after the show, I bought Ruby's biography and asked her to sign it for me. Mum was also on hand to catch a photo.

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